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bring_wmc_back's Journal

Bringing Women's Murder Club Back
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This community was launched during the Writers' strike in early 2008 when the first rumors occurred that Women's Murder Club might be cancelled. Letters were written and Hershey's Kisses sent to ABC relating to the Kiss-Me-Not-storyline (campaign idea by inspectorboxer. After the strike, ABC had unfortunately let go of the original showrunners, an impact that was obvious in the last three episodes. After the cancellation May 13th 2008, a team of fans produced the Women's Murder Club Virtual Seasons wmc_vs for 2 years. In 2009, the first Women's Murder Club Day was celebrated (@wmcday1 on twitter, wmcday, an annual reminder of this unique show).

This year, 2012 we ask ABC & 20thCenturyFox to finally release WMC on DVDs. Join in, sign, spread the word and let them know that we have waited long enough.